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FAQ: Answers to some important questions prospective clients may have about their prospective music project.

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083 262 3438 / 076 880 1184 / 072 331 5286
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Reassessing the way we do business

Covid-19 has forced the world to change the way we do business. For example, when it comes to the events business - some of which can regularly be jam-packed - it is no longer advisable to stage our events in the old ways.



Enter ĎStreamingí; streaming your event brings multiple benefits





















 You can lessen your attendance numbers instead of filling your staging area to capacity, with attendees literally breathing down each otherís necks and throats, creating health risks. Less attendees enables you to create a healthier environment because this allows for more effective social distancing.

 Yet, you will increase the coverage/reach of your event by streaming it to one or multiple viewing platforms simultaneously, so that no interested party is left out.

 Your streamed event can be interactive, bringing you the benefit of direct engagement with your stake-holders, who can message you in real-time during the event, while you can reply directly to them via the same messaging platform.†



Speak to Claude King Media Productions about streaming your planned event


When it comes to streaming your event, we can assist you by ensuring that the streaming element of your event goes off flawlessly.


We offer:

 Multi-cam productions on-site

 Video overlays of your required graphics like logos, live and/or pre-produced captioning facilities

 Addition of pre-produced video clips

 Streaming to multiple sites simultaneously

 Great communication and service pre-, during and post the event.

 Recording and professional post-production of your event for posterity and later uploading to your chosen platform

 Purpose-created sound-track by film and television music professional for your event, synchronised perfectly to your visuals, whether just instrumental or containing lyrical messages saying exactly what you want to convey to your customers/stake-holders.

 Years of experience in media production and related industries, providing a valuable source of information and advice about related event-elements.

 Competitive pricing

  Pride, commitment, passion and ultra-reliability in what we do.