Founded by it’s CEO and Sole Director, Claude Gombard in 1994, Claude King Media Productions is a South African media company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in the provision and production of creative and artistic media and communication services, whether for companies or private individuals. These services include

¨ Video Production 

¨ Event Photography

¨ Event Streaming

¨ Music Recording & Production

¨ Graphics Design

¨ Layout & Printing of designs

¨ Creative Writing and Editing Services

¨ Recording and Transcription Services

¨ Creation of original music for Film & Television

¨ Creation and Production of musicals

¨ Advertising and Branding

Driven by high-technology & decades of experience in almost every area of the media industry, we operate a well-equipped, digital recording studio and digital video editing facilities.

The company operates from  premises situated in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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About Us

Do you need specially created music?


Do you need specially synchronised music for your film or video?


We have hundreds of moods in our library. Or we can compose to exact requirements.


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