Finding and rehearsing musicians for your project can be a daunting if not impossible task for most singers/songwriters. But don’t let this worry you… Claude King Media will put your backtrack together.

There are too many variables in a recording project, to be able to answer this question accurately. A possible guideline to use is that a very good demo can be done within 4—6 hours. A very good master can be done within 12 to 30 hours. Being well-prepared goes a long way towards saving production costs.

No distinction is made at CKMP between Demo and Master recordings. The quality of services rendered is always superlative. The Client’s budget determines whether the recording/s will be Demo or Master status.

Any private individual or company/organization who requires any of our services

Question 1: Who does Claude King Media do work for?

Question 2:  Does Claude King Media only do master recordings or demos too?

Question 3:  How much will my recording cost?  

Question 4:  If I don’t have any musicians to help me put my backing

                        track together, what can I do?

Nothing… Claude King Media provides this service for free, provided that the project is a normal recording project and not simply a request for a backtrack only.

Question 5:  If I need Claude King Media  to put my backtrack to-

                       gether, how much extra do I have to pay?

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But of course! After all, we are internationally-recognized composers, with a huge library of original songs.

Question 6:  Can Claude King Media provide me with original songs to

                        record if I can’t write my own?

The recording is stopped before you can overshoot your budget. All data files relating to the project are saved onto the media supplied by you (CDR or DVD) where-after it’s given to you. When next you have sufficient funds you will book a new appointment, bring your data files with, then  the project will resume..

Question 7:  What happens if I overshoot my recording-budget?

No, we don’t.

Question 8:  Does Claude King Media do any distribution or marketing of

                      finished product?

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