112 channels of bitchin'’ power!! The heart of our recording studio.

Music Production

Yes of course we have all the technology goodies for producing/creating music to touch your heart & soul. But what good is the best software and equipment, if you haven't got an experienced operator to drive it all? Answer: Worthless!!

And this is why Claude King Media is so powerful in the production business. Because we have substantial experience in operating our equipment.

Add to this the fact that we have a policy of regularly upgrading our equipment, which ensures that we stay in the forefront of our game.

The lungs of our recording studio!!

Service Detail

Benefits of using Claude King Media:-

· Fast turnaround time

· Everything done in-house

· Commissioner always invited to sit in on sessions of work in progress.

· Decades of Composing and engineering experience in all related genres.

· Best bang for the buck– our prices are hard to beat.

· Special rates for big or long-term projects.

· Save on musician session fees - multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist producer in-house, plays many instruments and does lead and backing vocals - inclusive of the standard rate. That means a serious session muso free of charge!

· Our productions make people go “Wow!”

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When a Sax sound is needed in your music, we use the real thing.