Composed to specification, encompass– sing all genres.  We create soundtracks for Film & Television, Musicals, Advertising , the Record industry and special occasions for private individuals (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) Extremely quick turn-around time.


6) Music Composition

A service offered to Record companies, Record labels or private Producers, Singers & Songwriters.

Our recording studio, production tools and Engineer are of international-standard broadcast quality and ability.

5) Music Production

Includes graphic design of logos, etc, lay-out of publications, hard or soft copy, 3D animated designs.

4) Lay-out Design & Printing

Professional, broadcast quality videos, including entire cycle; videography, graphics, scripting, voice-over, soundtrack music and final editing.

1)  Video Production

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Original copy and music created for any product or situation.

7) Advertising jingles & Copy

We record your meetings, Disciplinary hearings, conferences, and provide transcripts of the entire spoken content. Synopsis reports also produced, when required.

Professional event photography including editing, when required.

2)  Event Photography

Whichever service it is that you decide to use us for, rest assured that you will always receive extremely high standards and fast turn-around time, at competitive rates.

Besides multi-cam filming, recording and producing your event  for final video production,

we can also stream your event to multiple sites/platforms, simultaneously.

8) Event