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Music Composition/Production

When you need music for your movie, TV series, TV documentary or advertising campaign, you cannot afford to waste time as this could upset your production-delivery schedule.

While the music-composition-schedule may be on target in the beginning, it will derail if any piece/s created misses the mark, i.e. it does not capture the mood of the film content accurately, and/or the intention of the Producer/Director of the project. Time is now lost because the composer/s will have to acquiesce to that pesky term “back to the drawing board” (and then you have to hope that that pesky term will only have to be used once instead of multiple times!!)

This is where Claude King Media’s experience is invaluable… we have built a name in the industry as “The Bull's-eye Guy” because we get it right, first time, every time.

Benefits of using Claude King Media:-

· Fast turnaround time

· Everything done in-house

· Commissioner always invited to sit in on sessions of work in progress.

· Decades of Composer experience in all related industries.

· Best bang for the buck– our prices are hard to beat.

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